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Issue 244 | Week 4 | August 2014
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Kick-Start Your Business With The Sign Africa Durban Expo


The Sign Africa Expo offers visitors a multitude of ideas to start up their business in the dynamic signage and printing industry or even expand their existing businesses with profitable add-ons such as mug printing, T-shirt printing, photo books and more. The expo is taking place from 26-27 August at the Durban ICC.

Primedia Lifestyle Hosts Vodacom Durban July Fashion Show

To promote Gateway as a high-end fashion destination, Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services hosted another Hollywood glamour-inspired Vodacom Durban July preview fashion show and concert at the Gateway Mall.

Data Quest Reports On The Future of Outdoor Advertising

The data quest is similar to the 1980’s cult movie The Quest for Fire. In the movie a set of prehistoric men set out to find its fire, which was accidentally extinguished. They did not know how to make fire because they originally got it by accident. The outdoor advertising industry is finding itself in a similar position. They do now know how to make a fire.

Tractor Outdoor Sponsors Thundafund Billboard Campaign

Well-known independent Art cinema in Cape Town the Labia is facing their biggest challenge yet: converting to digital. Tractor Outdoor showed their support by sponsoring a billboard to help market the Thundafund campaign.

Hungry Lion Runs First Integrated Campaign
Hungry Lion is running its first integrated campaign, 'Lucky Bucket' which has reportedly resulted in a 37% increase in overall brand engagement and double digit sales growth in four weeks. The campaign comprises a new TV and radio commercial, digital, PR and on-the-ground activations that promise to 'give Mzansi more'.
Salon Media Promotes Nivea 

Primedia Unlimited’s in-salon media advertising company, Salon Media, is promoting Nivea's Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cream in salons.

Provantage Media Group Celebrates 11 Years In Service

Provantage Media Group (PMG) recently celebrated 11 years in operation. Over the course of 11 years the company has become a leader in the out of home industry and offers advertisers a varied yet cohesive portfolio of products that provide world-class, professional and relevant services to both brands and consumers.

JCDecaux Cityscape Gives People Memorable Experiences With Digital Signage

JCDecaux Cityscape in Hong Kong promoted HSBC's Credit Card's Red Hot Festival, combining augmented reality and digital signage to turn a roadside bus shelter into a window to another world.

ABF Announces Two New Committee Members 

The ABF has announced two new committee members. They are Olav Westphal and Jacqui Klug, both from the Newspaper Advertising Bureau (NAB).

TLC Flies Dentyne's New Ad Campaign

Dentyne wanted to tap into key lifestyle spaces that matched its target market, so it turned to TLC in its latest advertising campaign.


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