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Issue 298 | Week 2 | October 2015 |
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Airport Ads Runs Cape Town Gautrain Advert

Airport Ads® has implemented a highly focused, strategic campaign for the Gautrain brand, with the objective of targeting the travel and tourism market.

Primedia Outdoor Sponsors Baumann Primary School

In partnership with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo and Food and Trees for Africa, Primedia Outdoor has sponsored the planting of more trees around the playground and sports field of the Baumann Primary School, that in time, will provide welcome shade and a fresh aesthetic to the environment. 

Incredible Connection Communicates With Customers Through Fashion Media

Incredible Connection employed Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media to communicate a strong brand experience to customers and increase their product knowledge. 

Jetline Selects Z-card

Jetline selected a Z-card as a compact marketing tool to generate awareness around its products and services and has included a Rugby World Cup 2015 match schedule in it to ensure customer engagement and longevity. 

Primedia Donates Stationery To Two Primary Schools

In September, the team from Primedia Outdoor donated stationery, teaching aids, reading books and 252 pairs of school shoes to Sukumi Primary and Tsembaletfu Primary respectively.

Grass Roots Changes Name To Relativ Media

Grass Roots Media will be re-branded as Relativ Media from October 2015.


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