Issue 254 | Week 5 | October 2014
Provantage Creates Brand Visibility For Brother

Provantage Out of Home Media implemented a 12 month campaign that creates brand visibility on MyCiTi buses travelling in Cape Town’s inner city areas for the company.

Margie Carr, MD of In Touch Outdoor said, 'Due to our client's need for increased brand awareness in Cape Town, we recommended the use of the MyCiti bus back packages offered by Provantage, as they stand out in the urban landscape of Cape Town, frequenting the busiest routes used by business commuters. The bright blue colour used by Brother draws the eye. Brother adjusted their layout for best effect on this new and exciting medium.'
Jean Coetzee, General Manager at Provantage Out of Home Media added, 'In a city where out of home advertising is highly restricted, advertising on MyCiTi buses allows the Brother brand to be visible to their target audience. Buses are moving billboards that offer high frequency, high visibility and excellent return on investment.'

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