Issue 254 | Week 5 | October 2014
Commuter Shelter Promotes Postman Pat Movie

Black Sheep Films worked closely with Provantage Out of Home Media to promote the release of the Postman Pat movie and also ensure the most effective way to attract the target audience of children and parents.

Provantage implemented a commuter shelter campaign to promote the movie's release. The result is a campaign that offers eye-catching creative on commuter shelters that are located near schools in selected areas of greater Johannesburg.

Traditionally, commuter shelters focused on upper LSM consumers. But with the transformation and the development of the integrated transport system, which cuts across mid to upper LSM audiences, there has been a significant shift in the desirability of commuter shelters among brands wanting to communicate with these audiences.

Commuter shelters are part of the overall country infrastructure development plan. They are located on main arterial routes, a metre away from the road, and as such have the benefit of a vehicle as well as a commuter and pedestrian audience.

The medium is also competitively priced with regards to reach, audience and frequency. If a brand wants to reach a mid-LSM market in a particular area for a specific length of time, shelter advertising delivers a more effective ROI than advertising on traditional media.

Benefits to Advertisers

  • 2.8 million people in SA commute by bus every week, so the medium commands genuine attention and interest.
  • Commuter shelter branding offers a flexible and cost effective media platform which works within a community 24 hours a day.
  • They are billboards to commuters as well as passing vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Shelters allow for geographic targeting, an opportunity for brands to be part of the daily life of the target audience.

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