Issue 254 | Week 5 | October 2014
PMG Makes PUMA Stand Out With Wall Mural On M1 North

The team at Provantage Media Group (PMG) graced motorists travelling North on the M1 in Johannesburg with the new 5.5m x 69.7m wall mural for PUMA that features world famous sports stars.

John Goncalves, media sales manager at Provantage Out of Home Media said, 'With 125 000 cars passing by every month, this section of the highway is highly visible to motorists. The wall mural was captivating without being too distracting for drivers, with clear, bold messaging and images.'

'In a city where advertising is jostling for the consumer’s attention, being innovative and adding colour to locations that are for the most part simply grey and functional, allows brands to stand out and be iconic,' said Goncalves.

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