Issue 297 | Week 1 | October 2015
Appletiser Allows Audiences To Crown It Their Way Through PocketMedia

During the new limited edition Flip Can marketing campaign, ‘Crown it your way’, Appletiser selected a film laminate Unidentified Folding Object (UFO), produced by PocketMedia® Solutions, as an engaging coaster to deliver with its products to selected outlets.

In life, there are many moments to crown. Appletiser has created a set of limited edition packs that highlight these special moments and consumers can choose from two different moments on each can. They can also collect cans or moments relevant to them, or share with their friends and family.

The campaign is supported by digital media from 15 September to 15 December, eight radio adverts which flight across 5FM, Metro FM, KFM, Kaya FM and East Coast Radio from 15 September to 10 November and in-store by the use of cooler decals, wobblers, neck tags, FSUs, pallet corners, the UFO coasters and tent cards.

The UFO, which resembles a paper Rubik’s cube, has a continuous folding mechanism which engages consumers whilst they look at four of Appletiser’s limited edition Flip Cans. The message, ‘flip this coaster and crown it your way’, further captures their attention. To ensure that the UFO would be waterproof, to be used as a coaster for the Appletiser Flip Can, PocketMedia® Solutions tested some with laminate film and it worked really well. 

'We chose the UFO as a point-of-sale marketing tool as it is a very disruptive mechanism that is highly engaging and aligns very well with what we are trying to communicate with our latest campaign, the Appletiser Limited Edition Flip Can,' said Appletiser’s Marketing Manager Innovations, Sandra Caetano.

'Flipping through the coaster enables the consumer to engage with many different moments on the cans and communicates the Flip Can experience perfectly,' she added.