Issue 297 | Week 1 | October 2015
PMG Announces Transit Ads

Provantage Media Group (PMG) has launched South Africa’s largest transit media brand, Transit Ads. Transit Ads consolidates a variety of transit media offerings into one exceptional and comprehensive portfolio.

Transit Ads will be staffed by a team of transit media specialists with access to a wide range of media opportunities and sophisticated research, enabling them to develop integrated Transit Media campaigns that will be unmatched in the industry.

16,6 Million South Africans make use of taxis, buses and trains every week and they form the backbone of the economy. 

Transit Ads offers a multitude of media opportunities across the various transportation modes and in the largest commuter nodes, which include digital, mobile, static and activation media types.

They have seen large scale investment by both the public and private sectors in the upgrading of transportation infrastructure and the formalisation of retail in close proximity to the major commuter nodes, which offer incredible Out of Home media opportunities to advertisers. 

Transit Ads will take transit media to a whole new level and provide their clients with the opportunity to reach a very large portion of the economically-active consumer base in a media landscape that is ever fragmenting.

Core to the establishment of Transit Ads is their relationships and exclusive media rights with a large number of taxi associations, bus operators, municipalities, private landlords and PRASA. Transit Ads will enable the company to add more value to these key stakeholders and build closer relationships with the public transportation industry.

To be operationally effective and ensure excellence in execution, Transit Ads has a world-class operational infrastructure. This includes on the ground relationship management in the form of strategically placed Rank Ambassadors and Transit Managers in all the major commuter nodes, as well as a digital and technical division servicing our Transit.TV network.

As part of the Transit Ads launch we have also up-weighted their investment in Transit Track, their Transit Ads research brand and they have completed the most sophisticated efficacy research survey ever conducted for a digital television network in SA for Transit.TV. 

This new survey, which incorporates big data from the taxi and bus industry and PRASA will provide advertisers with OTS and efficacy data that offers comparability with traditional television and radio.

The expansion of the company's national footprint of Transit.TV will now reach an audience of 10.4 million commuters with relevant content that is engaging and entertaining.

PMG has also introduced the new Environmental Media Mapping (EMM) tool to effectively map transit media opportunities in all major nodes based on passenger flow, dwell-time and commuter mind-set data. This enables the Transit Ads team to maximise media and site selection for advertisers based on a scientific methodology and effective data.

Jacques du Preez, MD of PMG is excited at the innovation and focus that Transit Ads will bring to the market. 'The consolidated brand encapsulates the commuting environment with a variety of media opportunities and offers direct reach to the commuting public in places where regular and prolific economic activity is taking place. Transit Ads brings together an incredible range and selection of media rights and opportunities in the commuter space. Transit Ads has the best operational infrastructure in the country and we have combined this with the use of cutting edge technology, mapping techniques and research data never seen before in South Africa. To say we are excited is a massive understatement.'

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