Issue 297 | Week 1 | October 2015
TLC And Nicotinell Helps Smokers Quit

Novartis Nicotinell brand has teamed with Primedia Unlimited’s washroom advertising company TLC, to encourage smokers to begin its easy to follow 3-step programme.

'Asking a smoker to give up their habit can be a sensitive subject,' said Cara Woods, Account Manager for TLC, 'which is why a private engagement method like washroom advertising is a much more subtle way of approaching a consumer. The washroom environment allows for the advertising message to be absorbed without any pressure to act on it.'

Nicotinell is promoting its 3-step programme in airport washrooms around the country for a period of two months. According to the advertiser, those who can stop smoking for a continuous period of 28 days are five times more likely to kick the habit.

'We're confident that Novartis will have a positive sales response from this campaign,' she said.

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