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Issue 303 | Week 2 | November 2015

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Be A Printing Hero With The FESPA Awards

The FESPA Awards Programme is renowned across the industry for their outstanding recipients, judged by industry experts who in turn have contributed significant advances to the techniques and technology across the industry. Printers from Africa are encouraged to enter.

Vista System Completes Multiple Signage and Wayfinding Projects In Russia

Vista System recently completed four projects in Russia. The company's directories were installed at the Marmelad Shopping Centre in the town of Murom. The end user was searching for a functional and durable system that will assist mall traffic’s orientation in the mall. Nineteen pylons were installed throughout the mall, perfectly blending in the overall décor.

Transit Ads™ Releases Pulse Panel

Transit Ads™ released Pulse, which operates on electroluminescence principles and provides advertisers with the opportunity to be highly visible inside a taxi. The pulse panel features in the interior of taxis, closest to the entry and exit points, ensuring that all commuters engage with the featured brand messaging. 

Continental Outdoor Sets Up Stanlib Focused Investing Digital OOH Campaign

Continental Outdoor Media set up Stanlib's groundbreaking digital out-of-home campaign, 'Focused Investing' that provides motorists with a live feed of the traffic 1.4 kilometres ahead at the N1 William Nicol off-ramp. This is streamed to Continental Outdoors' Roadside Digital billboard on William Nicol Drive from a 360° IP camera at the off-ramp. 

Fashion Media Promotes Dior's Sauvage Fragrance For Men

Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media launched Dior's new Sauvage fragrance to Edgars and Red Square customers. 

Bliss Brands Runs MAQ Pop-Up Campaign

To promote various products within the Bliss Brands stable, the MAQ Washing Powder roadshow team will be setting up pop-ups within stores all over South Africa.

Kinetic Worldwide: Employing Behavioural Economics Principles Improves Effectiveness of Outdoor Ads

Research from Kinetic Worldwide based on a live-action 'bug-eating' experiment has suggested that employing behavioural economics (BE) principles such as scarcity, loss aversion and social proof can dramatically improve the effectiveness of outdoor ads.


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