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Issue 347 | Week 5 | October 2016

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Alliance Media Flies Sadza Billboard Advert

Alliance Media’s billboard advertising Red Seal Sadza echoes a description of creativity. The Red Seal brand is making use of the outdoor advertising space like no one has before, and the ad has been described by consumers as ‘transcending culture, lifestyle and race’ and as ‘telling the Zimbabwean story’.  

TBWA Increases Digital Capacity 

TBWA\Durban acquired Sugar The Agency, a smaller Durban operation, that has positioned itself as a significant player in the digital space over the past six years. 

ProActive: Multicultural Marketing And Activations

We talk about the 'rainbow nation'. One in which everyone is considered to be part of one big 'melting pot'. We talk about being 'African'. And again this indicates a type of 'one-ness' that paints everyone in Africa with the same brush. This is true in so many ways, however when it comes to engaging with consumers, it may not be so, and is not that clear cut.    

Spark Media: The Era Of Connectivity Is Upon Us And Growing

As part of SPARK Media’s ethos to continually share ‘Insights that Ignite’ to the advertising and marketing industry, their latest ROOTS cell phone and internet penetration data has come under the spotlight with some interesting results.

Airport Ads Appoints Marketing Manager

Airport Ads has appointmented Lauren Kruger as Marketing Manager. Kruger brings with her exceptional skills in terms of marketing and building brand equity. She has extensive experience in consulting to companies in various sectors throughout Africa and has helped them gain significant traction in local markets.


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