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Issue 358 | Week 3 | February 2017

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Mimecast Makes Campaign Success A Hack With PocketMedia Jumpin Jax Slider

Mimecast selected PocketMedia Solutions’ Jumpin Jax Slider, a branding and communication solution that can be customised to suit various communication needs, to encourage the media to attend its Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack event. 

Tractor Outdoor Has KFC's National Beach Campaign Covered

Tractor Outdoor helped KFC launch its Mini Cricket National Beach Campaign across the country through the strategic implementation of branded umbrellas across popular beaches during the summer period. Umbrellas were scattered across well-known beaches such as Camps Bay, Gordon’s Bay, Clifton, Ballito and Margate.

Uber and Hubble Create New Visual Experience   

Uber and Hubble are offering riders interactive entertainment during their trips using innovative technology to entertain and inspire new adventures for Uber riders.  

Expand A Sign Illustrate The Importance of Colour 

According to Expand A Sign, when you think about some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc, they’re immediately recognisable without having to see the brand. That’s because their colour(s) and logo are deeply imbedded into the subconscious. Whether it’s the combination of the distinct red on a can of Coca-Cola and that unmistakable white cursive lettering or the golden yellow arches outside McDonalds, we all have a connection to these brands and many others based on colour. 

Forrest Media Launches Digital Superstructure In The Heart Of Glasgow

The Xpressway, Forrest Media’s newest digital superstructure in the heart of Glasgow, is a ‘V’ angled double digital display.


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