Issue 400 | Week 3 | December 2017
Highways Should Be Lined With Trees, Not Billboards

The DA in Ekurhuleni is concerned about the safety of motorists and the condition of the ambient air we breathe, specifically in Bedfordview. A press statement released by Jill Humphreys, DA Ward Councillor in Ekurhuleni, states that highways should be lined with trees not billboards. The full press statement is below.

Gillooly’s Interchange is one of the busiest traffic intersections in the country. There are multiple accidents on this intricate and congested multiple-split-cloverleaf-flyover highway. The importance of timeous and appropriate lane changing, prompted by highway information on the relevant board signage, is an essential aspect of traffic safety on these particularly intricate sections of the highway. 

Gillooly’s Interchange is in Ward 20 in Bedfordview. There are 43 legal billboards in Bedfordview and approximately 20 illegal billboards. The most popular location for these boards is on the highway. The prime purpose of these giant billboards is to divert the attention of motorists. By virtue of size, impact and visual clutter, they are unavoidable. 

Frequently when these billboards are erected, large established trees are removed to accommodate them. These trees are the only protective buffer between the toxic highway fumes and neighbouring residents. There are hardly any trees left because of the many billboards that have been erected. 

Where there is a higher than average degree of awareness required from motorists, and a high accident volume, billboards should not be erected.