Issue 405 | Week 2 | February 2018
Media Mea Installs Outdoor Units Around Valletta

Media mea recently announced the deployment of ten 177.8cm (70 inch) MECO Outdoor Interactive Kiosks in Valletta, Malta.

These MECO outdoor units are the first of their kind in Malta and will serve as information hubs providing users with updates on the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme and giving users more details regarding Valletta 2018ís opening celebrations, which will be taking place on the 20 January 2018. Apart from this, they will also be providing news and weather updates, as well as a wayfinding system for users navigating Valletta, Malta. As part of Valletta 2018ís commitment to making Valletta more accessible, the MECO outdoor units by media mea are also designed to be user friendly for wheelchair users. Users may also take selfies with various sites around Valletta acting as a backdrop for their photos.