Issue 409 | Week 2 | March 2018
TLC And Hubble Form Advertising Partnership

Primedia Unlimited’s TLC and Uber’s Hubble have jointly signed advertising deals with Samsung, VISA and Nescafe Gold.

Greg Bruwer, TLC's Managing Director said, ’TLC has the exclusive rights to sell high viewability video on Hubble’s interactive touch screens in Uber vehicles. It’s an ideal platform in which to engage on a one-on-one basis, with tech-savvy, early adopters in the high income market, and we’re thrilled to have signed on these three fantastic brands.’

Samsung has secured 500 Hubble screens in Uber vehicles around Johannesburg, showcasing a brand channel and TV reel to promote the launch of two new phones; Nescafe Gold has created a game that consumers can engage with during their commute in 100 vehicles and VISA is showcasing a TV reel promoting various products.

TLC (+27 11) 562 6666

HUBBLE AFRICA (+27 21) 461 0820