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Issue 413 | Week 1 | April 2018  

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Mall Ads: Brands Need To Be Where The Consumers Are

While mall occupancy levels and foot traffic have decreased in some malls, other malls have experienced excellent growth over the six months to December. So what does this mean for brands? Brands need to be where the consumers are and what better place than the mall environment.

Expand A Sign Brands Muddy Princess Event

Expand a Sign will be Muddy Princess’ exclusive branding partner, providing them with branded products for their next 10 events.

African Millennials: Myths Vs Reality

African Millennials who were born from the early 1980s until around the turn of the new millennium are perceived as having changed the world’s understanding of Africa, bringing it from a ‘dark continent’ to ‘Africa rising’ through blogging and social media (#SomeoneTellCNN). They are often thought of as mobile, connected, and tech savvy, founders of tech startups that begins with the abbreviation ‘M’ – for mobile, artists who don’t care much about their oppressive governments, but will tweet about it - an example is #ZumaMustFall.

Monadnock Paper Mills Introduces Envi Wall Art

Envi Wall Art is a matte canvas-embossed substrate designed for on-demand printing of fine art, photography, residential and commercial décor, and point-of-purchase signage. It provides a unique new revenue stream for photo labs, online custom décor portals and front-gate photographic print service providers (PSPs).

Mindshare And Transit Ads Form Market Research Partnership

PEP Marketing Team, Mindshare and Transit Ad immersed themselves into the lives of caregivers within the community of Khayelitsha in the Western Cape.


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