Issue 427 | Week 2 | July 2018
FCB Africa Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Andre Pillay.


FCB Africa has appointed Andre Pillay as the first Chief Technology Officer, and awarded him a seat on its Executive Committee (EXCO).

Making the announcement, FCB Africa Chief Executive Officer, Brett Morris, said that Pillay’s responsibility in his new role will be to consider technology and its impact on the business beyond the functionality of information technology.

‘The role of a CTO is a critical one for companies seeking to remain at the top of the heap. By continually assessing and implementing the latest developments and innovations in technology to improve our internal operations as well as our output, Pillay will play a significant role in ensuring FCB Africa’s continued business success,’ he said.

Pillay joined FCB Africa in 1997 and went on to attain a Masters in Business Administration in 2004 and a Masters in Information Systems Management & Technology in 2016. This, added Morris, was a shining example of his commitment to continued success, which is embodied in FCB Africa’s Never Finished ethos.


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